About Us

Visual Data ApS was established in 1999 by Director Lars Bøggild. Early on we spent all your time developing software for the airline industry, however, since early 2012 we have spent more and more time working on mobile devices.

Hence, in June 2013 we changed our focus to mainly target App Development – thus Visual Data became The House of Apps.

By now, we have specialized in building Apps for conferences and congresses. We have successfully built our App 4 Conferences App – so it can be tailored online to match any conference no matter size and need.

Years working with conference Apps have given us a very good understanding of the what makes a good conference and how an App can help improve it.

One of the important lessons we learned is that all conferences are different, and each conference has special needs, thus we made our App so flexible it can adjust itself to any conference.

Another lesson learned is that conferences are living events that evolve and change constantly – especially after they have started. To be a success, the App must not only be able to reflect these changes and evolve along with the conference, rather it must aid the conference - helping it to be a dynamic experience for all its participant.

Some of our happy customers.

    Visit us at Www.VisualData.DK to learn more about what we offer in App development.